Why Mexicali


Mexicali city is located on the southern border of the State of California, USA; at the heart of what composes one of the most fertile valleys in the surroundings, the Imperial and Mexicali Valley.

Is the Mexican port of the West Coast USMCA’s corridor; offering a strategic location to move components and products promptly to global destinations.
The city has a unique proximity to the cities of Palm Springs, Ontario and Los Angeles, in the State of California; as well as to the cities of Tucson and Phoenix, in Arizona, USA.

The companies established in Mexicali have the advantage to always provide products “on time” to their destination, which is mainly to the North American market.


Completely integrated transportation network through air, land and sea; as well as all existing communication systems and networking.

Reliable freight services that facilitate the flow of goods and services between buyers and sellers.

Rapid transportation of imported and exported goods and services to the USA and Mexico.

Close to the Port of Ensenada, Baja California, which focuses mainly on the industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors of Baja California, Sonora and Baja California Sur.

Workforce in Mexicali

  • Mexicali has 936,826 inhabitants
  • Skilled and quality-conscious labor
  • Annual growth rate of 4.9%

Young population ready to tackle the most demanding manufacturing and assembly tasks

There are around 180,000 workers ranging from basic manpower to highly specialized professionals at a very advanced level.

The State Government provides education and qualification courses to increase the workforce standards. And we help you connect with local linkage programs, which supports the development of labor force according to the needs of the industry.

Utilities in Mexicali

Mexicali has private and government owned companies that provide utilities services fitted for any Build to Suit or existing building at PIMSA’s parks. Our industrial parks are fully served by the city utilities.


The Colorado River water, guarantees continuous water flow to satisfy the needs of any operation. The water service in Mexicali is supplied by CESPM (Comisión Estatal de Servicios Públicos de Mexicali), through its three water treatments plants, covering 95% of the population.


At the bottom of the Cerro Prieto Volcano, you can find one of the largest Geothermal Electricity plants in the world, with over 600 megawatts of production and large quantities of natural gas extracted. This one produces the 70% of the electric energy consumed in the state.


Telephone lines, fax, fiber optics, data transmission and satellite communication service is available in all our buildings.


Energy supply consists on a wide variety of products such as: premium and magna unleaded gasoline, natural gas and LP, diesel fuel, etc. Every city has its own storage and distribution terminal that looks forward to keep a continuous and uninterrupted supplying of the energy.

Education in Mexicali


Mexicali boasts twelve universities and twelve technical trade schools that are working to solve the need for more trained labor force to meet the continuous growth in demand due to constant economic growth in the city.

Mexicali has some of Mexico’s finest universities.


CETYS University (The best private education university in the Northwest of Mexico) offers undergraduate and postgraduate education with degrees specialized in Business, Engineering, Law, Psychology, among others. CETYS also offers Double Degree programs in Business, Engineering and Psychology with City University of Seattle.

The State University (UABC) is a public multi-campus university with Faculties offering degrees in Engineering, Business, Law, Medicine, Political Science, Agriculture, Nursing, Computer Science and Foreign Language Studies among others.

Technical Schools

You can also find technical schools like CECATI (3 campuses) and CONALEP, which offer also an option to extend quality education to local students.

Universities and companies in Mexicali have an important bond. Universities prepare skilled and capable professionals, while companies support this universities and students with investments in infrastructure, scholarships, or training opportunities like internships.

At PIMSA we are proud to collaborate and impulse industrial development, as well as to enable more possibilities through education.


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Copyright by PIMSA 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by PIMSA 2019. All rights reserved.