Furukawa Automotive México looking for suppliers

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Furukawa Mexico
Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

Furukawa México is now looking for suppliers of reel to reel plating for their Mexicali Manufacturing Facility at PIMSA.

Furukawa Automotive Mexico looking for suppliers 2 - PIMSA Industrial Parks in Mexico.jpg

This a unique opportunity to those local, world manufacturers.

As you can see on the following presentation, Furukawa will continue to grow, we are looking for suppliers to be on a 300 mile proximity:

Furukawa Automotive Presentation

Should your company be interested, please contact Cesar Castaneda, Purchasing Team Leader, e-mail: ccastaneda@americanfurukawa.com

There are other Mexicali manufacturers in search of suppliers.

You can also contact Cesar Ponce, Coordinator of PIMSA Think Tank, an Industrial Intelligence effort of our manufacturer’s community, e-mail: cesar.ponce@wdfservices.com

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