Off-Road Capital of the World: Baja California

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PIMSA salutes NORRA, National Off-Road Racing Association. Fifty years ago a visionary group headed by Ed Pearlman and Don Francisco, including Ensenada’s Nico Saad, Michael Pearlman, Steve Macqueen, James Gardner, Bill Strope, Michael Evans, Mikey Thompson, Baja California’s former Governor Raul Sanchez Diaz, Eliseo Garcia Araujo, several families from Ensenada as the Ampudia, Sarabia, Heredia and Espinoza;  all contributed to the First Baja 1000.


Today, SCORE International continues to hold the world-renowned Baja 500 and Baja 1000 races, the top international off-road racing events.

baja 1000 map

Several racing enthusiasts from PIMSA companies are within this racing mix. As Moises Sotelo of NSG says, “Baja off-road racing is exciting; it keeps you connected to Baja’s natural beauty and brings a shot of adrenaline.”


Get involved, let us know if you are interested; PIMSA will connect you to SCORE or one of the racing teams!

Nico SAAD Baja 1000 - PIMSA Industrial parks in mexico

“We are excited to celebrate 50 years of Off Road Racing, an effort of many, including PIMSA’S Xavier Rivas. We invite you to be part of it!” – Nicolas Saad, CEO of San Nicolas Hotel, Ensenada.

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