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ITR (Technological Institute of Rehabilitation) is a nonprofit organization from Baja California headed by a young PIMSA Engineer, Rubén Castañeda, who works in Mexicali in the R & D division of Martech Medical Products Inc.


Ruben Castañeda, President of ITR

ITR is currently designing and developing medical devices; from conventional prosthetics to bionic limbs for kids and adults who need prosthetic hands and/or legs. A multidisciplinary group of young professionals contribute every day by dedicating their time and budget to make this noble effort possible. On the other hand,  ITR’s medical team provides free medical services to low-income communities in the state.

ITR - Prosthetic leg for adults - PIMSA Industrial Parks in Mexico

Prosthetic leg for adults

Regardless of place or country of a person in need of a limb, we encourage you to contact Rubén at email: rcastaneda@itrmexico.com

ITR Medical Team - PIMSA Industrial Parks in Mexico

ITR Medical Team

Moreover, should your organization be interested in contributing to this nonprofit entity please also contact Rubén. Your contribution will be formally registered and you could be present on the delivery of the limb to those less fortunate.

Giving a hand to kids - ITR Mexico - PIMSA INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPERS 4

Prosthetic hand for kids.

Your payback will be the smile on that person’s face upon receiving this special life-changing gift. A priceless experience!


Francisco Fiorentini and Xavier Rivas of PIMSA with the mother a prosthetic hand recipient child

PIMSA salutes one of our own Rubén and Team, thank you!

ITR contact information:
INFO ITR - Give a hand to kids - PIMSA Industrial Developers 

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