British GKN Aerospace Turns 15 Years Manufacturing in Mexicali

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Located in PIMSA, GKN Aerospace celebrated 15 years in Mexicali with a family event and expansion plans for the next three years.

Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

Thanks to the commitment and loyalty of its people, the aerospace company GKN Aerospace dedicated to manufacture components for plane turbines, announced great expansion projects from 2017 to 2020 during its 15th anniversary event.
GKN 15 anniversario

Rodrigo Soto, Cesar Ponce, Carlos Acosta, Xavier Rivas and Sergio Tagliapietra.

Carlos Acosta, Plant Manager, said that during these 15 years they have had a gradual growth that has taken off thanks to the experience of its collaborators who have been with GKN Mexicali from the beginning. As a result, Acosta announced that they are working on an expansion plan for 2020 in which they seek to triple their plant capacity through technology transfers, processes and machinery; focusing on the same type of product but complemented with other operations.
GKN Fachada 2

GKN Aerospace facilities at PIMSA IV, Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico.

Regarding their staff, it is likely to have an increase up to 200% to fill the plant in a 24/7 scheme, which leads them to develop an internal training plan to introduce the new talent to the existing processes.Acosta mentioned that Mexicali Plant belongs to GKN’s division of Engine Systems where their principal processes are the lathe and milling of High Pressure Compressor parts and Fan Static parts of the turbine. “We are dedicated to manufacture the skeleton of the engine, the one that gives it rigidity and the base to function.”GKN is a British company that has more than 250 years of existence and several divisions. In Mexicali they manufacture components for clients such as General Electric, Rolls Royce and Patt & Whitney.The manager indicated that the structures are robust and have a long and precise manufacturing process. This product is extremely critical regarding its characteristics in quality, since part of the components can measure up to 2 meters diameter with a 10 thousandths tolerance; therefore, the staff working these parts is highly trained people, committed to the quality of the product.“We have a small, but excellent work team of more than 100 people who are interested in constantly growing and learning new processes. We want to transmit that emotion and ambition to achieve more. That is why we are about to start another operation dedicated to the central part of the engine, a high-pressure section for which we are bringing completely new machinery to create a specialized, controlled and lean area,” Acosta said.

It is through its people that they have trust in such an important projection plan. People with greater seniority have been recognized during these 15 years for being leaders committed to their work. This is the case of the following associates:

Arturo Loubet - GKN 15 anniversary
Arturo Loubet, CNC machinist with 14 years of experience. He expressed that during his career he has been a committed person willing to carry out his activities, always aiming to do things right at the first time. “We create a piece from scratch, almost ready to assemble, so we must be very precise when working.”
Carlos Esquivel - GKN 15 anniversary
Carlos Esquivel has been part of the history of GKN Aerospace, with 15 years in the company, he presently operates one of the largest CNC lathes in GKN. “I like to manufacture these components, this is not something that you see in other companies, we have always tried to do things right and look after Mexicali’s society, taking care of the environment and aiming to be the best.” The love for his work has been essential for the machinist and has led him to achieve his personal and professional goals.
Alberto Hernandez - GKN 15 anniversary
Alberto Hernández, with 15 years in the company, mentioned that he started as a machinist operator and over time he has developed as a supervisor, “I like to work in the aerospace industry, especially in machining; solving problems and finding the best solution is part of our activities, we are a loyal team, a great family, and little by little we are preparing ourselves for the upcoming changes.
Jose Carrea  - GKN 15 anniversary
José Correa, responsible for the manufacture of tools started from day 1 resolving technical problems. “I take care of different activities, it has been an interesting and a challenge to start something from scratch, I enjoy the work culture, I have found in GKN where to put into practice so many years of experience. One of the best experiences is to be able to train many colleagues that make up our work team.”
Anniversary Celebration in Family
To commemorate this date, GKN held a large super hero themed anniversary party,  with collaborators and family members, so that kids and adults had fun in activities such as volleyball games, bouncing castles, fair games, swimming pool and a little train to cross the field.
GKN 15 anniversary 2

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