Who we are

PIMSA’s headquarters in Mexicali, Baja California

MEXICALI INDUSTRIAL PARK (PIMSA) is a privately-owned company developed during the beginning of the Maquiladora Industrial Program.

  • We are active members of the U.S.A National and Mexican Industrial Park Association.
  • Our Industrial Park began since 1966, with several of Fortune’s 500 Companies; today, still in operation and expanding.
  • Have land for BTS Projects and we’ve developed four Industrial Parks (PIMSA I,II,III,IV) and two Industrial Units (Rockwell Collins / BOSCH) PIMSA VI & PIMSA VII.
  • With a total land of 19 million Sq. Ft. and 5.2 million Sq. Ft. in buildings.

We appreciate and understand your goal: to make a quality product at a competitive cost. Our services go well beyond, providing an industrial building that can fit your needs, as well as guidance through U.S.A and Mexico Customs, tax programs (IMMEX), government incentives, and connect you to legal advisers to incorporate your company in Mexico, as a turnkey service.

We are prepared to visit you at your facility or invite you to visit us at a convenient time; be assured that we provide a safe, proven way of Cost Production-Cost Reduction to your company.

Our Mission

Create a standard model for companies, as well as to maintain a positive labor environment through a tenant-industrial park human resource program. Support companies in all aspects of their operation on a continuous basis.

Our services go well beyond those of a tenant-park relationship.

The Company History

The Company
The Company

How it all began

It all started with an idea and vision of four gents; Mario Hernandez, a charismatic Mexicali businessman, Hector Sada, and efficient businessman and Ignacio Guajardo, a Stanford Graduate Attorney that cater to most of U.S. Corporations landing in Baja California and Eduardo Martinez Palomera, a former two time mayor, moved PIMSA to what it is today.

PIMSA was the first industrial park in Western Mexico, the business model is based on similar business parks in the United States.

Today, after 53 years PIMSA continues to expand with several sites in Mexicali and is now active in Yuma, Arizona, Imperial Valley, California, as well as San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora and Mexicali, Baja California.

PIMSA´s business model includes in any of the present location and in any Region that an interested corporation is considering, to Build to Suit in accordance to company requirements under a case to case fashion.

We provide design, construction and turnkey interior fit-ups. Our leases are USA standard Triple A leases with a Guarantee from parent company.

Our Board of Directors include several local business people. PIMSA is a privately owned corporation.

It was the vision of these four amigos, through an Industrial Market Study as per what type of companies would do well in Mexicali, created an Industrial Development Commission, today, still the motor for Economic Development in Mexicali.

Hughes, Libbey Owens Ford, now Pilkington, Rockwell, Paper-mate, Chromalloy, Baxter (now Vyaire), Emerson, Data Products, Mattel, Lucky Gold star, now LG were among some of the original companies, their continuous growth is the best testimonial of the success they have experienced in Mexicali and in PIMSA.

Xavier Rivas VP of Business Development, PIMSA.

“PIMSA was the spark plug for Economic Development in Mexicali: Experience, Ethics and Vision”


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    +1 888 467 4672 (From U.S.)
    +52 686 566 5238 (Rest of the world)


    PIMSA Industrial Park Av.
    Galaxia #18-B
    Parque Industrial Mexicali
    Baja California.
    Mexico 21210


      Mexicali Baja California

      Mexicali Baja California

      Copyright by PIMSA 2019. All rights reserved.

      Copyright by PIMSA 2019. All rights reserved.