Mexicali, B.C. – Mexicali is among the top 10 cities with a higher propensity for the relocalization (nearshoring) of companies, according to the Regional Economies report prepared by the Bank of Mexico (BANXICO) for the second quarter of 2023.

It’s worth noting that nearshoring is the strategy through which a company seeks to move part of its production closer to its final destination.

In this regard, following the disruption caused by the pandemic, companies are looking for shorter and more resilient production chains that can continue operations consistently.

Returning to the BANXICO report, the top 10 cities with the highest propensity for relocalization are: Saltillo, Monterrey, Mexico City, Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana, Reynosa, San Luis Potosi, Monclova, Queretaro, and Mexicali.



TT Electronics plc provides Polaris with contactless sensors known for delivering consistent results in high-vibration and impact environments, which are used in the electrical steering systems for their off-road vehicles.
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The electric energy generated through solar panels is equivalent to reducing approximately 12,000 tons of CO2 emissions over the 30-year lifespan of the system, by displacing conventional electricity generation in Mexico. This significant reduction in carbon emissions showcases the positive impact that sustainable energy solutions can have on the environment and our future.

With a nominal installed capacity of 499.4 kW in Breg at their new facility in PIMSA VII, the system is expected to have an estimated annual generation of 814,378 kWh. As we witness the success of such initiatives, we encourage other companies to consider and invest in sustainable energy solutions to collectively reduce our carbon footprint and create a more environmentally responsible and sustainable future for all.



Lancer Orthodontics, located at PIMSA 1 with more than 25,000 sq.ft. We had the opportunity to visit their facility, a trusted leader in the field of designing, manufacturing and distributing orthodontic appliances and accessories.

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Situated at #PIMSA IV, with more than 140,000 sq. ft. Just last week, we had the privilege of visiting TT Electronics, a pioneering company renowned for its expertise in designing and manufacturing electronic components and systems for the aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical, and transportation sectors.

Accompanied by representatives from the Secretaría de Economía e Innovación and Mexicali EDC, we were truly delighted to explore their facilities and gain insights into their future plans. We deeply appreciate the positive impact that TT Electronics has had on our community.

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We are thrilled to congratulate Vishay. for their remarkable achievement as the Electronics Components Manufacturer of the Year at the prestigious Best Awards 2023, hosted by EM Media. This recognition is a testament to Vishay’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of electronics design.

We applaud Vishay for their outstanding achievements and look forward to witnessing their continued success in the future.

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Mexicali Baja California

Mexicali Baja California

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Copyright by PIMSA 2019. All rights reserved.