Pimsa VIII Build to Suit

At PIMSA you will find an extensive team of experienced professionals and specialists assisting on every aspect of your investment in Mexico, allowing its full potential and success.

Our services include:

  • Site selection assistance
  • Build-to-Suit or Lease
  • Architectural Design
  • Buildings available for immediate occupancy or remodeling according to your specifications
  • USMCA consulting
  • Assistance from a State of Baja California Economic Development
  • Insurance, tax, legal and outsourcing services provided by national and internationals firms

General and Human Resources Services though the PIMSA Companies Alliance:

  • Public and private security services available 24/7, 365 days
  • HR information exchange on wages, salaries and employment turnover benchmark
  • Public relations for different community support activities
  • Meeting coordintaion for general managers and human resources managers from our tenants

Build to Suit and Lease

We can build to suit or lease an available shell building with the specs requested by your company. All our projects are built in accordance with the plans and specifications approved by PIMSA and your company.

All PIMSA’s construction and improvements are in accordance with all laws, ordinances, regulations, and orders of governmental authorities and Industrial Park Regulations.

Below, you can find a Time Lapse video of a build to suit building.

Workforce Development

The diversity of manufacturing activities have the need of continuous technical training in many cases including English language skills

Pimsa is working with universities such as Cetys as flagship, Baja California State University(UABC),  Mexicali’s Polytechnic and  Cecati tech trade training centers.

Workforce Development is key, special skills can be tailored to those areas of manufacturing processes.

Think Tank

The PIMSA Think Tank (PTT) is a pluralistic organization that performs research and advocacy concerning topics related to North America Sustainable Competitive Low Cost Manufacturing using best practice benchmarking, industrial intelligence, as well as applied empirical research assuring a diverse open and accountable process of project analysis, evaluation and decision making advocacy for the benefit of its partners and clients.

PTT is focused in assisting two fundamental areas; New Industrial Investments and Continuous Improvement and Competitiveness of its existing manufacturing partners.

The Think Tank Team consists of a group of highly experienced internal and external resources through strategic alliances as well as the PIMSA nonprofit organization “PIMSA Prestadora de Servicios A.C.”, an association comprised of local and international business owners and plant managers, primarily tenants of the multiple PIMSA Industrial Parks.

PIMSA Think Tank Service Offering Differentiators:

  • Multidisciplinary Resource Approach
  • Participation in the think tank by manufacturers with a large breadth and depth of hands on experience, as well as strategic and tactical advisors specialized in the LCC manufacturing
  • User perspective service provider with a primary focus on achieving most effective bottom line results of client
  • Practical Industrial Intelligence Based: Wealth of knowledge and benchmark capacities
  • Acknowledges that Human Resources are a fundamental key to success in Mexico



PIMSA Companies Alliance

PARA DARTE MÁS: is a socially responsible program of discounts, given only at the Mexicali Industrial Parks in benefit of its workforce community and their families. It has the participation and support of the affiliated companies to motivate the city’s economic development.

This is an incentive to the economy of the PIMSA companies’ employees, through giving discounts in products and/or services from established local businesses.


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      Copyright by PIMSA 2019. All rights reserved.

      Copyright by PIMSA 2019. All rights reserved.