It is one of the most developed and productive sectors of the state’s burgeoning manufacturing economy.  In terms of volume, the Baja California Medical Device Cluster ranks number 7th globally in the quantity of its output.

One of the principal reasons why the medical device industry has experienced such a positive growth trajectory in Baja California is the fact that a Medical Device Cluster organization was formed in the state in 2005.  The organization supports companies in ways that serve to elevate their level of industrial competitiveness in the global marketplace.

The Baja California Medical Device Cluster is composed of key representatives of manufacturers in the industry and their suppliers, as well as individuals from academia and relevant government agencies.  With the support of this organization, the medical device cluster in Baja California currently has grown to be the source of 50% of Mexico’s overall production.

Currently, Baja California is home to 75 manufacturers of world-class medical devices.  Of this number 50 companies are formally affiliated with the industry cluster organization.  These companies have generated approximately 71,000 direct labor jobs and have boosted the economies of the cities of Tijuana, Ensenada, Mexicali, and Tecate.

Some of the items manufactured in Baja California include pacemakers and their batteries, ophthalmic lenses, wheelchairs, catheters, defibrillators, urinary bags, electric thermometers, and many others.  Baja California-based companies export these products to all corners of the globe.  The main international customers of the Baja California medical device sector are the United States, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.


The medical devices manufactured in Baja California are produced under the auspices of the ISO 13485 international quality standard.  This is because safety and quality are non-negotiable points in the medical device industry.

Companies in the Baja California Medical Device Cluster organization abide by regulatory requirements that are increasingly stringent throughout every step of the products’ life cycle, including service and delivery.  Members of the organization are expected to demonstrate their quality management processes and to ensure that they follow best practices in everything that they do.

In order to strengthen the sector, Baja’s Medical Device Cluster proactively conducts events to identify and to develop domestic suppliers that can serve the needs of their member companies.  One of the means by which Mexican supplier companies can meet potential customers is by attending the annual Medsummit.  This 2020 event will take place at the Baja California Center on the 12th and 13th of August.


On the institutional level, the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC) now offers a degree program in bioengineering to its student body.  To attest to the quality and educational level of the Baja California workforce, according to the Secretary of State Education, 14,000 students in Tijuana are enrolled in engineering or technical programs.  The city has high schools and universities with programs that are related to the medical device and other prominent industries that include an emphasis on engineering, technology, and manufacturing.

In addition to meeting the requirements related to the ISO 13485 international quality standard, companies that manufacture in the Baja California Medical Device Cluster must also abide by internationally defined environmental and safety and health standards.  To this end, the organization provides its member companies with continuous training opportunities to ensure compliance in these areas.

Source: https://www.madeinmexicoinc.com/baja-california-medical-device-cluster/



  • PIMSA is located within a $4.3 trillion dollar binational mega region.
  • This geopolitical position is unique


  • All of PIMSA´s industrial buildings are located near the US Commercial Port of Entry.


  • Maritime: Port of San Diego (2 hours), Port of Ensenada (2 hours), Port of Long Beach / Los Angeles (4.5 hours).
  • Rail: Mexicali is serviced by Ferromex and Union Pacific.
  • Road: Easy access to the US Interstate Highway System.
  • Air: Quick access to airports in Mexicali, Tijuana, San Diego, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

Profit Center

  • Our strategic location puts you near important industrial centers like Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.

Proven Experience

  • PIMSA has over 50 years of experience soft landing companies in Mexico.
  • Fortune 500 companies like Rockwell Collins, Robert Bosch and PepsiCo (Frito Lay) have trusted us for decades to take care of their industrial building needs.

For more information visit www.pimsa.com.mx; email our Business Development Department at promotor@pimsa.com.mx; or call our US phone at 1-888-467-4672.

binational mega region


Mexico´s National Institute of Statistic and Geography (INEGI) says the country´s manufacturing industry represents 16% of its GDP.
Consequently, Mexico and it´s industrial sector offered around 506,000 job opportunities to people who were actively involved in this sector. While other business areas with a large number of open positions included financial services, repairing, and maintenance.
Hard facts like these provide further proof for international investors to consider Mexico as the ideal country to make their companies grow. Going into detail, however, investors must look into the state of Baja California, and most specifically Mexicali. The city is host to a wide range of aerospace, automotive, logistics and manufacturing companies, and has been so for over 50 years. Due to that Mexicali is the best option for industrial real estate in Mexico.

More reasons for the growing activity in the manufacturing industry

Furthermore, Mexico´s Office for Economic Affairs identifies key attractions that Mexicali offers to any of the companies that establish there:
– Electricity.
– Water.
– Natural Gas.
– Alternative Energy.
Aditionally, there are 12 bilingual universities in the city, which offer top notch engineering and technical programs. Certainly, the labor force in the city is unparalleled in qualifications, which offers an added incentive for companies looking at getting established in Mexicali.
Here we share you the links to the webpage of those institutions:
CETYS Universidad
Instituto Tecnológico de Mexicali
Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Facultad de Ingeniería.
In Mexicali, manufacturing industry generates jobs that are added to the economy every year, educational institutions provide the necessary qualified labor force and there are ample facilities that allow companies to sustain growth. Mexicali is ready to welcome your company, and PIMSA has the industrial buildings for lease that you need! Let us help you make your plant grow with us.
Know more about us and the services we provide! Leave us your information on the following link to contact you as soon as possible: https://bit.ly/2zrwL1Y
La Voz de Michoacán
OCC Mundial


Mexico is an industrial country. Over the years, automotive, aerospace and manufacture companies have built a strong economic source. Many cities in the center and north of Mexico allocate a number of their spaces to industrial parks.

The actual overview of the aerospace industry

A few weeks ago we shared with you an article that explains a bit more why Mexico is the best option for investment in the industrial sector and an example of the most important city for the industrial real estate in the north.
Besides from that, according to the Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industry (FEMIA), the growth in this sector will have a continuous increase of 11% from 2018 until 2023.  This due to the actual concentration of the activity in North America.
FEMIA’s President Luis Lizcano exposed that with the National Program of Provider’s Development it can be detected which companies have technical, technological, human and financial capabilities to compete and impulse the industrial sector exportations.  Besides that, it helps to negotiate economic support for them.
President Lizcano mentioned that the closure of exportations this year will be around 14% percent over 2017’s grand total. With this also came the creation of 60 thousand new jobs. Also the construction of 340 brand new installations in different states of the republic.

How fast is your company growing?

According to ProMéxico there are 300 companies in the country in the aerospace industry; that represents a growth of this industry by 500% in the last decade. There is no doubt that now is the best moment for the aerospace sector. Companies from all around the world are growing and searching for new places to expand and reach to more people. So don’t hesitate! If you’re looking for a new place to establish your company, contact us! To get more info, visit: http://pimsa.prospectodigital.mx/


Mexico has been able to consolidate as one of the principal industrial countries; due to manufacturing centers and likewise thanks to some characteristics that differences it from other countries. Such as:

  • Location, next to the US.
  • An open economy with commercial networking.
  • Young population.
  • Capable workforce.
  • And established macroeconomy with big recognition on a global level.

A prove to all this relies on the manufacture exportations on 2014. The consultant firm Aregional establishes that our country represented 85% of all the activity. In that sense, Mexico exports 65% more manufactures than all LATAM. Predominating on automotive, electronics and aerospace sectors.
Right now, the aerospace industry is having one of its best moments, which generates one of the most relevant opportunities for Mexico by increasing the exportation of national content and creating new quality jobs that Mexican people need.


For 2032 it’s predicted that the 10-tonne plane fleet number will be more than 36 thousand. With this, Mexico will become an important player for that industry since the actual number of ships moves around 18 thousand. At the moment there are more than 300 companies in this sector in Mexico. 80% of them are manufacture companies. The other 20% belongs to operations.
The biggest number of enterprises concentrates on the north zone of the country. Besides that, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) has a record of 198 companies that rely thereon. In this industrial location, the main strategy focus on the creation of clusters and new technology development. Universities, companies, investigation centers and government bureaus collaborate in this task.
Baja California it’s highly consolidated as a fruitful place for industrial parks. Over 40 years of work and around 76 companies have grown there their industrial plants. The industrial real estate offer is big enough for everyone. And it accommodates logistics business, manufacture companies, aerospace industries, automotive, etc.


The international industry believes in Mexican manpower. It’s described as productive, innovative and hard-working. Besides that, Mexican people have demonstrated good disposition to learn new production methods and are qualified to make high-quality goods.
According to the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt), in 2012 more than 111 thousand engineers graduated. Similarly, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) registers than Mexico has 18% more engineer seniors in manufacture and construction than in the US.

Mexico’s manpower. Industrial Sector

Above all, there’s no doubt that the aerospace sector will determine Mexico’s search of a stable economic growth base on the great potential it has.
Source: http://www.revistacomercioexterior.com/articulo.php?id=54&t=la-industria-aeroespacial-y-el-despegue-de-la-productividad-en-mexico


Keiichi Kobayashi, President of Furukawa Electric, receiving a PIMSA’s token of appreciation from Baja California Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid.

Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
As Governor of Baja California Francisco Vega said,  “We are glad to see that it is possible to join the rising sun of Japan with the radiant sun of Mexicali.” Furukawa, a Japanese worldwide prime provider of automotive systems, has been operating a manufacturing facility at PIMSA Mexicali since 1998!
With over 2,000 associates, Furukawa’s constant expansion in Mexicali is testimony of why Mexicali continues to be an important geographical location for world manufacturers. At PIMSA we appreciate the trust of Furukawa and many other companies that have become a success story in our 52 years of servicing international corporations doing business in Mexico.
President of Furukawa Mexico Yasuyuki Ozeki.

During the anniversary event “Living the Furukawa Experience”, President of Furukawa Mexico Yasuyuki Ozeki recalled how it was starting operations in Mexicali, recognizing the work, effort and encouragement of the entire Furukawa family. He also thanked the trust and support of Furukawa’s corporate, local authorities and all of the talented people in Mexicali who have contributed to the company’s growth.
Keiichi Kobayashi, President of Furukawa Electric Company; Takamitsu Kozuka, Corporate EVP and GM of Infrastructure and Energy Division; and Katsumi Shibata, President of Furukawa Automotive Systems; were part of the Corporate leaders delegation that visited Mexicali to celebrate the anniversary.
Mayor of Mexicali Gustavo Sanchez and Baja California Governor Francisco Vega, presenting a token of appreciation to Keiichi Kobayashi, President of Furukawa Electric Corporate.

Furukawa’s Corporate President Keiichi Kobayashi, gave a speech to share his sincere congratulations for accomplishing the current level of safety and quality of the company, as well as to recognize the work of the associates and the achievements they have obtained during these 20 years.
Furukawa Mexicali facility in PIMSA.

Furukawa Automotive Mexico started operations in PIMSA Industrial Developers on April 22, 1998. Over 20 years, it has consolidated as a leading company in the automotive sector, maintaining certified processes and currently employing more than two thousand associates.
Both Governor of Baja California Francisco Vega de Lamadrid and Mayor of Mexicali Gustavo Sanchez were present to celebrate and share the importance of Furukawa presence in our region.
Xavier Rivas, VP of PIMSA, congratulating Manuel Euyoqui and Furukawa Mexicali Team.

Thank you Furukawa! We at PIMSA are proud of your Mexicali Team, coordinated by Manuel Euyoqui. Congratulations!


The actual status of Mexico

As an industrial country, one of the most profitable sectors in Mexico is the manufacture industry. Which in the last trimester of 2017, “according to INEGI (National Institute of Statistic and Geography), represents 16% of the Gross Domestic Product.” (El Economista, 2018)
It is true that in short terms, there´s an uncertainty environment around what could happen to Mexico. This thinking about the matter of agreements of the NAFTA and the next president election in the country. But as the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) explains, “growth is set to pick up, underpinned by private and exports”.

Why investing here?

The main reason of the success that Mexico its gaining weight in industrial business and manufacture is because of it’s location. Blue chip companies are going for binational mega regions in cities such as Mexicali, with industrial parks like PIMSA (Parque Industrial de Mexicali, S.A. de C.V.)
Therefore, we believe that Industrial locations like Mexicali are important for foreign companies that are looking for a profitable expansion.

Grow your company with PIMSA

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FedEx to Start an International Logistics Connection for Tijuana, Mexicali, Tecate, Rosarito, Ensenada, Imperial Valley, Yuma and San Luis Rio Colorado.

Tijuana International Airport will operate as the logistics regional hub.
PIMSA Industrial Developers congratulates FedEx. This will be an important signal of how our geographical location is expanding to the world manufacturing.
Welcome FedEx!
For further information please assist to the event “De Tijuana para el Mundo”, on May 18, 2018 at Restaurante Palominos, 18:00 hrs.

Erick López Jaimes
District Sales Manager Baja California
FedEx Express
Office Phone: 52.
Mobile Phone: 52.


Consolidating as a leading company in generating employment and specialized training for several generations of engineers, manager and operators.
Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico.
Located in PIMSA Industrial Developers, Mexico’s oldest product sharing manufacturing company Rockwell Collins EEMSA, with more than 50 years in Mexicali,  celebrated the hiring of its 1,000th collaborator, consolidating as a leading company in generating employment and specialized training for several generations of engineers, manager and operators. Due to the boom in the aerospace sector, Baja California is growing in aeronautical manufacturing. Therefore, Rockwell Collins’ Corporate, represented in Mexicali by EEMSA, has announced an important expansion in its operations.

Rockwell Collins Mexicali Announces Expansion and Hires Its 1000th Associate 3
Rockwell Collins Mexicali Team!

Rockwell Collins Mexicali will experience a significant growth in the upcoming months, as explained by Chuck Stroo, Plant Manager. “Reaching 1,000 employees means a great achievement for us; it  is synonymous of hard work and continuous growth. Certainly, our goal will be to redouble efforts to multiply that number and consolidate EEMSA as a company that represents not only a better job offer, but also a better quality of life.”
On the other hand, Ernesto Duarte, Human Resources Manager, explained that the company is interested and working on the development of its associates. “Rockwell Collins is a company with great tradition in Mexicali. This operations expansion will allow us to offer more and better jobs for Mexicali’s people. Our company is known for providing opportunities to develop the potential of our collaborators,” said Duarte.
Rockwell Collins Mexicali Announces Expansion and Hires Its 1000th Associate 2
New associate Liliana Perea, with Chuck Stroo and Ernesto Duarte.

To celebrate this accomplishment, a ceremony took place to welcome associate number 1000, Liliana Perea, who received a recognition from the company with pride and emotion.
Although the company has exceeded on several occasions the headcount of 1,000 associates, it was important to highlight this great achievement that consolidates growth and strengthens Baja California State as a leader in the Aerospace Sector.
mailchimp Rockwell Collins EEMSA 50th anniversary in Mexicali - PIMSA Industrial Parks in Mexico 2
Rockwell Collins facilities at PIMSA Industrial Developers

Rockwell Collins finished its event recalling it started operations in Mexicali in 1966 with only 16 associates, working on several electronic assembly processes later evolving into the aerospace field.
At PIMSA Industrial Developers we appreciate Rockwell Collins’ trust through all these years being part of the PIMSA family of companies. Congratulations!

Mexicali Baja California

Mexicali Baja California

Copyright by PIMSA 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by PIMSA 2019. All rights reserved.