Mexicali, Baja California
To server Alma Ponce and Captain Angel Vazquez (in picture) of Fonda de Mexicali Restaurant at Araiza Hotel, a smile and positive first impression followed by a vigilant, attentive and efficient service, is the key for a hotel guest to come again.
“The hotel business in Mexicali has been a positive contribution to our local manufacturing companies. On a daily basis, we host many international executives visiting Mexicali from companies such as National Oil Varco, Constellation Brands, Gulfstream, Rockwell Collins, UTC, Sun Power, Kenworth, Nippon Sheet Glass, and Furukawa among others, as well as those considering to establish plants in Mexicali; therefore, our contribution is to provide good service with a positive attitude,” said Captain Vazquez.
PIMSA would like to recognize and thank those men and women hosting our international business visitors in Mexicali. “This is an important complement to generate a pleasant and friendly face to potential industrial investors in Mexicali,” said Cesar Ponce, who represents 38 international companies in PIMSA.
Hotel service in Mexicali is prime. Araiza, Lucerna, Calafia, Holiday Inn, Real Inn, among others are in high gear. Several new hotels are now under construction adding to this important Mexicali hosting service with quality brands such as Four Points by Sheraton of the Wong Family.
“A warm welcome for our visitors is important to us! Attitude is the secret!”- Xavier Rivas, VP of Busniess Development, PIMSA.


We are glad to share the efforts of ITR (Technological Institute of Rehabilitation), a nonprofit organization currently designing and developing medical devices, from conventional prosthetics to bionic limbs for kids and adults who need prosthetic hands and/or legs.
Ruben castañeda Bosch Protesis 4
On this occasion Bosch Power Tools Mexicali, through its Robert Bosch Mexico Foundation and in coordination with ITR, made it possible for Iker, a 4-year old child with a congenital malformation in his left arm, to receive a hand prosthesis.
Ruben castañeda Bosch Protesis
At Bosch facilities in PIMSA, Iker received the prosthesis from Bosch Mexicali Plant Director, Arturo Contreras, and the Director of the Robert Bosch Foundation, Rogelio Santos, in the presence of Manuel Castañeda, President of ITR, and Iker’s mother.
Ruben castañeda Bosch Protesis 2
Furthermore, Bosch supported ITR during its Christmas event “Believing in Smiles” by donating 400 blankets to people in low-income neighborhoods.
Bosch will continue to support ITR with machines and tools so they can expand their social program.
We are pleased to congratulate Bosch and ITR for being role models in improving the living conditions of Mexicali’s society.
If interested in supporting ITR social program, please contact Ruben Castañeda
INFO ITR - Give a hand to kids - PIMSA Industrial Developers


Today, Commissioner John Renison from Imperial County, California, paid a visit to PIMSA offices.
John Renison and Francisco Fiorentini - PIMSA INDUSTRIAL PARKS IN MEXICO
In picture, PIMSA’s Francisco Fiorentini presenting a PIMSA desert hat to Commissioner Renison; meeting included Cesar Ponce of our Think Tank Industrial intelligence Group and Xavier Rivas, the objective is to introduce the PIMSA worker discount card “Para Darte Más” and to coordinate economic networking with PIMSA associates.
Imperial County with a population of 180,000, is an important US farming region, including the cities of Brawley, Calexico, Calipatria, El Centro, Holtville, Imperial and Westmorland, becoming a production sharing area to complement Mexicali’s manufacturers.

Imperial County is also the home of the Navy’s Blue Angels.

“We are bound to a Twin Industrial Region, Mexicali and Imperial Valley, are only separated by an international boundary. Commissioner Renison’s visit is a testimony of interest and importance to our future”– Xavier Rivas of PIMSA.


Mexico’s Federal Government has created these training centers to provide an opportunity for those unable to attend universities. Accessible and short technical programs are ready and benefit many young and potential workers with required training.
These schools are an important manufacturer’s complement in training Mexicali workers in several disciplines, including Certified TIG, MIG and Conventional Welding, CNC, Electronics, Sewing, English as second language, or any specific trade as needed by interested companies.
There are three campuses in Mexicali, one near PIMSA 1, one in Mexicali´s Civic Center, and another in Km 43 Guadalupe Victoria in Mexicali Valley.
Rockwell, Emerson, Chromalloy, GKN Aerospace, Kenworth, CCN Precision, National Oil Varco, Nassco Timsa, are among Mexicali manufacturers using CECATI trade programs.
Centro de Maquinado

Aerospace Machining Center at CECATI 84

Prospective interested manufacturers are invited to visit and explore CECATI options.
Manufacturers already operating in Mexico considering training are welcome to see how it could be done at CECATI.
Judith Leyva
Av. Brasil, Parque Industrial Mexicali I, Col. Alianza para la Producción
Tel: +52 (686) 565-9370


From humble beginnings to a dream with momentum!
Fifty five years ago, Don Ignacio Guajardo, a University of Stanford graduate himself, set his mind on a vision by leading a group of Mexicali businessmen into a series of actions to build a Non-Profit Organization with the objective of creating a private university of the highest quality.
CETYS University 55th Anniversary - PIMSA INDUSTRIAL PARKS IN MEXICO 2
Today CETYS University, with campuses in Tijuana, Ensenada and Mexicali, has a student population of 7,225 with a curricula including Engineering, Business Administration, Psychology, Graphic Design, Law and Education Sciences.
Eugenio Lagarde, now retired, was CETYS’s first enrolled student 55 years ago. As many others today, he managed a USA manufacturing corporation in Mexicali. Honored to have been the first enrolled, “Never imagined that our university would become such an important educational complement to our region and international community” – Lagarde said.
CETYS University 55th Anniversary - PIMSA INDUSTRIAL PARKS IN MEXICO 3
Next September 18, 19 and 20, CETYS University will be celebrating its 55th Anniversary with several events, including an International Seminar on Innovation in Higher Education.
International corporations can be certain that CETYS University is an important source of bilingual management talent. Many of our manufacturers have relied on this educational center since 1961, up to date.
CETYS University 55th Anniversary - PIMSA INDUSTRIAL PARKS IN MEXICO 4
“Every year that we hold our Alumni Reunion of CETYS graduates, you can feel the ambience with a pride factor” – Oscar Peralta, coordinator of this annual event.
Mensaje Rector Dr Fernando Leon - PIMSA INDUSTRIAL PARKS IN MEXICO
If interested please email


CCN Group, located in PIMSA Mexicali, and PRAE-TURBO are affiliates of German holding company Booster Precision Parts GmbH as of January 2016 and aim to become an international, integrated group. Following the management buy-out of PRAE-TURBO in February 2015, the companies had initiated the globalization of PRAE-TURBO’s production base via CCN locations.
Both firms combined had a total output of € 133 million and a staff of more than 1,000 in Germany, France, Slovakia, Mexico and China. Clients include most manufacturers of exhaust turbo charger systems for cars and commercial vehicles. They procure highly stress-resistant precision components made by Booster from aluminum, Inconel or Titanium. Turbo chargers are a critical element for the automotive industry’s compliance with tighter regulation of exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. Over the next five years, demand is expected to reach double-digit annual growth rates. In the first quarter of 2016, Booster Precision Parts’ order book already covered a high percentage of total output planned for the year.
International expansion of production is developing according to plan: A mixed team from both companies had manufactured the first compressor wheel at CCN’s plant in Mexicali, Mexico, in early March 2016. Following the automotive industry’s usual production trials and client approvals, full operation is to start during the year. Since 2013, CCN also runs a plant in China where joint production is planned to come online six months after the ‘go’ for Mexicali. Over this period, a new top management will be established for Booster Precision Parts Holding to provide strategic and organizational support to international growth.
Combining CCN and PRAE-TURBO establishes a substantial contender as Booster Precision Parts is one of the leading independent providers of precision components for the exhaust gas-propelled turbine and the compressor in the air-intake of turbo chargers.
“We are most excited with CCN Mexicali future plans, so far so good! We’ve gotten Momentum!” –  Hector Richarte
Source: Halder Magazine MBO


“The World’s Aquarium” said the great ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau about the Sea of Cortez, also known as Gulf of California and Mar Bermejo.

This PostandFly video explores the islands of San Jose, San Francisco and Espiritu Santo. The Sea of Cortés (Gulf of California) is the body of water that separates the Baja California Peninsula from the Mexican mainland. The Sea of Cortés is thought to be one of the most diverse seas on the planet, and is home to more than 5,000 species of micro-invertebrates. A large part of the Sea of Cortés is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Several rivers feed the Sea of Cortés, including the Colorado, Fuerte and Yaqui. The Sea of Cortés has more than 300 estuaries and other wetlands on its shores, of which the delta of the Colorado River is especially important.
Source: Geo-Mexico


General Manager - Guillermo Salcedo
For Guillermo Salcedo, General Manager of BD CareFusion, a world class leader manufacturer of medical products located in PIMSA Mexicali for over 33 years, the key to their success is based on a working team of people that have equal responsibility. “Management and direct employees are one unit” this is why today we have 3,000 associates working with quality and efficiency.
Guillermo is originally from Mexico City. He came to Mexicali at a young age, a dedicated student graduated from CETYS University Mexicali Campus, School of Industrial Engineering. His wife and daughters are also graduates of CETYS; again, a whole family educated at this university.
One of Guillermo’s passions is outdoor activities especially in Mexicali Valley where he spends some weekends with his family.
Carefusion Becton Dickinson - PIMSA INDUSTRIAL PARKS IN MEXICO

CareFusion, partner with Becton Dickinson and Company (BD), is a medical technology company that provides various healthcare products and services.
Carefusion Mexicali Life Changer -PIMSA INDUSTRIAL PARKS IN MEXICO
“Soft-landed by us and located at PIMSA III since 1983 on a 600,000 square feet facility, CareFusion is a solid example of why Mexicali is a prime location for medical manufacturers. Labor stability, competitiveness and quality minded in world production, continued expansion, make us proud to be the home for this outstanding corporation” – Xavier Rivas, Vice President of Business Development, PIMSA.

Mexicali Baja California

Mexicali Baja California

Copyright by PIMSA 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by PIMSA 2019. All rights reserved.